Tampere Filharmonia
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Students & Youth


Student tickets are 12 € beforehand.

Student tickets 2 € on the concert day from Tampere Hall Ticket Office (only Tampere Philharmonic Orchestra’s productions, not specially priced concerts) as long as there are seats available. Please show a valid student card.

Chamber music tickets for Afternoon of Fauns are 6 € beforehand, and 2 € on the concert day, as long as there are seats available. Please bring your valid student card when purchasing the tickets.

Subscribers seats for free

Subscribers can give their seats for students when they can’t make it to the concert. Students may call and ask if there are some subscribers seats free in the concert on the subscribers concert day from 12 am to 3 pm. (Aino Holma +358 50 388 7168)

Youth Club

Founded in 2002, this club for young persons aged 15 to 26 is the first of its kind in Finland. Besides offering youngsters an affordable way to enjoy the orchestra’s music, it also enables them to interact with the orchestra and other club members.


– 6 euro tickets to all normal priced orchestral concerts (show your club card at the Tampere Hall Ticket Office to receive the discount) (not 1st April 2016)
– free entrance to the “Afternoon of Fauns” chamber concerts (with club card)
– club post
– club meetings
– No membership fee

Renewal of Membership

You can join the club or end your membership whenever you want to. In the beginning of a new concert season all members are asked to renew their membership and the club cards are updated.